Finally understand your health insurance costs

When choosing a health insurance plan through the Marketplace, it’s a good idea to understand common insurance terminology. That way you will have a better understanding of your health insurance costs, i.e. how much you can expect to pay throughout the year. So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “what is a deductible” or “what is […]

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How to avoid an out-of-network medical bill

If you or a family member have to undergo a medical procedure, you’re probably already feeling stressed. When an unexpected medical bill arrives afterward, it can feel like the last straw. Especially if it’s an “out-of-network” bill from an “in-network” provider. Read on to learn how to minimize your chances of receiving an out-of-network medical […]

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Tips for choosing a primary care provider

After you sign up for a Marketplace health plan, you will want to choose a primary care provider. This is the main person you will see for all non-emergency care so it’s important to spend time making this decision. You want to make sure your primary care provider will listen, answer your questions, and advocate […]

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Reporting a major life change to the Marketplace

Let’s say you’re one of the 12 million people who signed up for health insurance during Open Enrollment. You completed your eligibility application and enrolled in a health plan. Then, several months later, your family moves to another city. You might already know you need to report your new address to the Marketplace. But what […]

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What is HIPAA and how does it protect my privacy?

HIPAA does much more than simply protect the privacy of your medical history. It also guarantees you the right to view your own medical records, which is a major innovation in health care. Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about HIPAA. What is HIPAA and what does it stand for? HIPAA stands […]

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Is COBRA insurance the best option for people between jobs?

For most people, losing a job historically meant losing their health insurance. Under COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) most employers have to offer terminated employees similar coverage to the health insurance provided while they were employed. The problem is, COBRA is usually offered at full price plus a two percent administrative fee. This […]

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