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HealthSherpa Carrier Resources

Working to maximize relationships between carriers and their consumers.

Unlock the Full Power of EDE

This checklist covers the things you’ll want to make sure you and your team are doing to see the greatest benefit of using EDE with HealthSherpa! Check out how to get started with HealthSherpa here.  

HealthSherpa helps Friday Health Plans Accelerate Expansion with Carrier Preferred Placement!

As a company that values innovation, Friday Health Plans recognizes the opportunity that Carrier Preferred Placement presents. Learn more about how HealthSherpa’s new product can help augment your member acquisition strategy here.   

How to prepare for window shopping

Every year CMS releases PUFs that allow window shopping before OEP starts. So what’s the PUF process and what does it look like for a carrier?. Learn more about Public Use Files (PUFs) here.

NEW CARRIER PRODUCT: Maximize your exposure to agents at

If you could buy premium advertising space on, would you? Preferred Placement on HealthSherpa is the next best thing. Read more about how to increase your agent engagement for OE 2021 here! 

What are the benefits of EDE?

Stay relevant and competitive in an ever-changing market. Carriers will need to compete based on user experience and technology, and HealthSherpa is the industry leader in both of these. Learn more about EDE here! 

See the power in your Admin Dashboard

Utilize admin dashboards to get real-time data that can be used for Marketing and Telesales strategies, reporting, and increasing conversion.  Read more here.

What does the Consumer Renewal Flow look like?

Keep consumers within your EDE-walled garden. Complete seamless renewals within your white-label site. Check out the flow here.

See HealthSherpa’s AHIP Presentation: How to use EDE to maximize your membership

Learn about HealthSherpa’s early advancements in leveraging EDE with carrier partners. In August HealthSherpa’s CTO and VP of Sales talked about the power of EDE. View the webinar deck here.

NEW EDE FEATURE: Enhanced lead export with lead scoring

Effectively prioritize chase campaigns, outreach and inbound calls with HealthSherpa’s Lead Scoring Model. Read more about the model here!

How to use Issuer Service Accounts to help carrier call centers support members more efficiently

Give your internal teams the power to perform seamless and end-to-end customer service regardless of where or how the consumers was orginally enrolled! Read more here.