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We're the largest agent enrollment platform in the United States

1,000,000 lives

20,000 agents

2,800 agencies

$4B in premiums

Powerful shopping tools

Fast, accurate and easy quoting with subsidy and Medicaid / CHIP estimation, provider search and formulary lookup.

Reporting and insights

Gain powerful insights through our export and reporting features for enrollments and leads.

Lead tracking and management

Manage your book of business, process new enrollments and quickly turn leads into clients.

Seamless renewals

Quickly and easily renew past clients in minutes with pre-filled applications   a renewal cross-walk experience. For the 2018 open enrollment period, renew your clients for free!

Marketing tools

Your clients can get quotes and effortlessly self-enroll through your branded site where you are the agent of record.

HealthSherpa FMO

Quickly contract through HealthSherpa and get access to key carriers on the Marketplace.

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Simple pricing

First 5 apps free + $2.50 per app + Free renewals for 2018

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"I doubled the number of customers I was able to enroll for 2017 due to times saved with HealthSherpa."

Jacquie Morrow, Agent

HealthSherpa for Agencies

Get additional tools designed specifically for agencies to help maximize productivity.

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