Special Enrollment

Open Enrollment runs from 11/1/2016 to 1/31/2017. If you miss enrolling during this window, you may still to qualify for a “special enrollment period”.

Special Enrollment Periods are 60-day windows during which you can buy insurance that are triggered by one of the following events:

Losing Coverage
Losing your job
Employer dropping coverage
Losing Medicaid/CHIP eligibility
Turning 26 and losing parent's plan
Moving or relocation
COBRA expiring

Life Events
Having a baby
Becoming a citizen
Getting married
Getting divorced
Getting out of prison/jail
Adopting a child
Placing a child for adoption
Gaining status as a member of an indian tribe

If you qualify for a special enrollment period, you enroll online through HealthSherpa or over the phone (by calling us at (855) 772-2663).