Keystone HMO Silver Proactive

Independence Blue Cross

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Doctor Visits

Primary Care
First 4 visits free
$30 copay
$60 copay
Preventative Care
No charge


Generic Drugs
$15 copay
Brand Drugs
50% coinsurance
Brand Drugs (Non-Preferred)
50% coinsurance
Specialty Drugs
50% coinsurance


Emergency Room
$550 copay
$200 copay
Hospital Stay (Facility)
$500 Copay per Day
Hospital Stay (Physician)
No charge
Outpatient Procedure (Facility)
$250 copay
Outpatient Procedure (Physician)
No charge


$500 copay
Well Baby Visits
No charge

Mental Health

Outpatient Services
$60 copay
Psychiatric Hospital Stay
$500 Copay per Day

Diagnostics / Labs / Imaging

$60 copay
CT Scans, Pet Scans and MRIs
$250 copay
Lab Tests
No charge

Free Preventative Care

If you use an in-network doctor, this plan will provide all preventative care services at no cost.

List of covered services

Out of Network

If you use out-of-network providers under this plan, you may have to pay more or even full price. Out of Network care doesn't count towards your deductible and maximum out-of-pocket.